LIPID MAPS® Spring School
Monday - Friday, 12th - 16th April 2021
Applications close in:
2 Months
17 Days
14 Hours
16 Minutes
16 Seconds
31st October 2020, 13:46 GMT

This Spring School will focus on theoretical and practical aspects of lipidomics, using state-of-the-art approaches. There will be a major focus on the underlying biology and biochemistry of lipids, including their roles in health and disease.
There will be 20 + sessions over 5 days, topics include neutral lipids, fatty acids, eicosanoids, sphingolipids, sterols and bile acids.
An introduction to MS-based lipidomics will cover all aspects from sample preparation, storage, chromatography, instrumentation, and identification using databases including LIPID MAPS. There will be a dedicated session on novel technologies, such as iKnife, REIMS, imaging, and new standards for quantitation. This will be alongside practical tutorials on software and informatics tools for lipidomics.
An introduction into data integration using biostatistics and systems biology, to include lipid biology/ biochemistry, MS-based lipidomics and quantification using targeted methods.
There will be about 50 attendees and the following invited speakers.

Chairs/Organisers: Maria Fedorova and Valerie O’Donnell

Junken Aoki
Matthew Conroy
Edward Dennis
Laura Goracci
Jules Griffin
William Griffiths
Michal Holčapek
Paul Kennedy
Gerhard Liebisch

Al Merrill
Martijn Molenaar
Robert Murphy
Walt Shaw
Gary Siuzdak
Fritz Spener
Shankar Subramaniam
Zoltan Takats
Federico Torta

LIPID MAPS Spring School will talk place in Cardiff City Centre. Cardiff is the Capital City of Wales, and offers a range of unique attractions, entertainment and shopping. It is a compact, thriving city just over 2 hours by train from London and Birmingham; with excellent transport links, both bus and train.
The Spring School will be held in the Park Plaza Hotel, which is central to all the city centre amenities.
The Hotel is only a 10-minute walk from the train station and 2 minutes from Cardiff Castle.

Cardiff city centre has a variety of places to stay from 5 star luxury to beds on a budget.
Please use the map to see some examples/links that you might find helpful when booking your accommodation.
For further options please visit, or please do get in touch with us for any advice that you need before booking your accommodation.