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As a first step to full integration, the LIPID MAPS® Lipidomics Gateway is now replicating the LipidWeb.

These web pages constitute an introduction to the chemistry and biochemistry of individual lipid classes, together with an incomparable compendium of information on mass spectrometry of fatty acids. In addition, there is a Literature Survey section and a personal blog on lipid science. My aim is to explain the importance of naturally occurring lipids to a broad scientific readership, especially young scientists, with the hope that the reading lists at the end of documents will satisfy those requiring a more specialized knowledge.

My personal interests in lipid science are represented in these pages, which began life in 1999 as I am delighted that the AOCS Lipid Library is now linking directly to my pages here. In this website, the various topics are updated on almost a daily basis as new information becomes available - one of the virtues of the web as opposed to more formal publications. The downside is that there is no peer review, and I am always grateful when errors, inconsistencies or omissions are drawn to my attention.

This website was created and is maintained by William (Bill) W. Christie


Site Updated: July 15th, 2020

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