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Bibliography of Mass Spectrometry of Fatty Acids

3‑Pyridylcarbinol ('picolinyl') Esters

Scottish thistleThe widely used term 'picolinyl ester' is inaccurate and should now be avoided. The correct trivial name is ‘nicotinyl’ esters, but all dubiety is removed if they are given the more systematic name ‘3-pyridylcarbinol’ (picolinyl alcohol is in fact 2-pyridylcarbinol). The following references dealing with mass spectrometry of 3-pyridylcarbinol esters of fatty acids have been collected as part of our regular literature searches for research purposes. The list is as comprehensive as we can manage but may not be exhaustive. References are listed alphabetically according to the surname of the first author, but not necessarily chronologically for a given author.

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